Frequently Asked Questions

There are always some questions and concerns about online pharmacies or intermediaries in this area. This also applies to, the mediator between customers or patients and professional doctors as well as pharmacies, for the simple ordering of medicines from home. For this reason, we have listed some of the most important and frequently asked questions and answered them in detail below.

Can I also order prescription drugs from

Yes, you can also order prescription drugs, because we cooperate with certified EU doctors. Once you have sent us a request, we will forward it to one of our partner doctors. He will examine the individual case in detail and assess how much of which medication you really need. This information is then forwarded directly to one of our partner pharmacies, which in turn takes care of the delivery to your home. So you can see that with the help of a very simple system, even ordering prescription medicines is quite legal and easy. Very important and quasi the basis for this is, of course, the professional treatment or advice of one of our partner doctors, who take enough time for each individual order and thus also for each individual customer.

What are the advantages of using

The use of services is very versatile. Very important advantages are the simplicity of use. Because all orders and inquiries are easily carried out and completed online. You no longer have to go to the doctor to get a prescription, for which you then have to run to the pharmacy to buy the prescribed medication. With you get everything from one source, because not only the order, but also the support as well as the service of our customers is handled and carried out directly by us. Only the specific treatment processes are carried out by one of our recognised EU doctors and the ordered medicines are shipped by one of our partner pharmacies, with an EU label. Everything is simple and very convenient.

Especially for elderly people this is an optimal solution, because they are usually not so mobile anymore and are afraid of the many ways to the doctor and to the pharmacy. With a few clicks on you will receive your order directly to your home. You will be looked after and advised at any time. We work together with trained doctors and experienced pharmacies, where your well-being comes first.

But also for younger people, who are very busy in their work, we offer the contact for health problems and medical orders. You can quickly, easily and directly select the medication you need, order it and have it delivered directly to your home. The ordering process only takes a few minutes and your delivery usually arrives within a few days.

Are my confidential and personal data safe at

Yes, your data is always safe and secure. Your data will neither be published nor arbitrarily viewed or used. After your request, we forward the data to one of the EU doctors, who makes a decision based on it, which drugs are suitable and which are not. But of course he also needs some personal data, which is obvious to everyone. However, the attending physician also handles your data very carefully. The data is then forwarded to one of our partner pharmacies. These use the data then for the correct delivery of your order. For this reason, only the relevant data is viewed. However, all data is never passed on openly and is no longer backed up somewhere. Privacy and data security are also very important to us when it comes to shipping. Therefore, all orders are delivered in a neutral and secure packaging, so that nobody can see the contents of the shipment before you unpack your order at home.

As you can read, the protection as well as the safe and appropriate handling of your personal data is very important to us. For this reason, we are also committed to our data protection guidelines, which you can also read on These are the focus of our daily work as service providers and intermediaries, as well as the satisfaction of our customers during the whole time at Just as important as your health is the protection of your data and the satisfaction with its use.

How does the delivery process work after ordering?

Basically does not have much to do with the delivery itself. After we have had the application and the order checked by a doctor, the important data for the order are forwarded to one of our partner pharmacies with EU label. They then pack the ordered and selected medicines into a shipping carton and prepare for delivery. The address is stuck on the neutral package and everything is properly franked. Afterwards an experienced delivery service in the respective country takes over the delivery to you, the customer.

But we are not completely out of either. Although the online pharmacy primarily takes care of the shipping and delivery to the delivery service, you can access your order and delivery data via our website. Not only can you view these at any time, but you can also track the current status and location of your shipment using Track and Trace, a special tracking function. This not only lets you know who is shipping and delivering your package, but also when it will arrive.

How large is the assortment at

Our assortment and product variety on our website is very large and wide-ranging. For any complaints, illnesses or health problems you should therefore find a suitable product or medicine. With the help of an easy selection you can make a quick decision and order the selected medicines directly.

However, the exact selection of products depends on the online pharmacy we work with. After all, we only show you thumbnails on our website. Then the online pharmacies to whom we pass the orders via the respective EU doctors decide which product will actually be sent to your home. However, we all have high quality standards, from our website and our team to our partner doctors and online pharmacies.

However, you, as a customer, can also influence our assortment. If you have a product in mind which you would like to order from us, just send us a short message. We will take care of your wishes and check whether we can implement them. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we can actually implement your wishes, but we do our best.